8 notes I felt the urge to post this somewhere..

I felt the urge to post this somewhere..

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Thank you so much ahah really needed a message like this to brighten my day

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Anonymous: Holy shit I srsly want to skeet all over your beautiful face while you take a bong rip

oh… wow

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Anonymous: Do you seriously just post shit about weed and bongs. Wow. You're such a 3-dimensional person. :)

this is a really ignorant message I like to think I have a lot of depth despite the fact this is a stoner blog lmao ?

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beyond4baked20: Really dig your blog, keep it up lovely!

thanks so much for the support my duuudee

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Anonymous: Theeen... U properly should get some! They would look great on u bae

ive debated it ahha but I need pretty long hair for prom!!

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Anonymous: What's the pussy taste like.... Aquafina?? :D

I couldn’t tell yaa!!

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Anonymous: Oh my gosh you are so beautiful and I love your dreads! You look pretty cool dude!

thank you so so much ! but I don’t have any dreads hehe

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greetings via webcam selfies

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Anonymous: Can we get a pic with some ice in the bong.? Bless your lungs lol or at least throw the bong in the freezer for a bit b4 you sesh... #IceColdHitz

ahh I defs gotta soon, the thought just never comes into my mind so I don’t !

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Anonymous: may we submit nudes

go for it..girls only lmao

11 notes really cute chipmunk at the fort hehe

really cute chipmunk at the fort hehe

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